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AI affect 60% of development processes

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Impacted by generative AI’ might affect 60% of development processes.

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, recently announced that the business has laid off 5% of its personnel. He then addressed the stage at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference to promote the advantages of generative AI in the game creation industry.

Wilson stated that the company is fully embracing the emergence of generative AI technology via an audio recording of the Q&A that is accessible on the EA website (thanks to TechRaptor).

In response to a question on how generative AI can affect and change the video game industry, Wilson said the firm has been utilizing machine learning AI to improve gameplay features like the way players run in Madden for some time. Beyond that, though, he claimed that generative AI is the most intriguing development in the field “by a fairly wide margin” and that it is internally seen along three main axes: transformation, growth, and efficiency.

The effectiveness thing. The underlying question here is: How can we increase the efficiency of the work we perform now? And as everyone familiar with our industry knows, it’s a really time-consuming and iterative development cycle, which is why games these days take six or seven years to create.

He stated. We’ve conducted research on every step of the game production process. Roughly 60% of all our processes have a high probability of being altered by generative artificial intelligence. We may use the construction of a stadium during one of our sporting events as an illustration of that. Usually, that would take six months. It took us six weeks last year. It is not out of the ordinary for us to think that it will take us six days in the upcoming years.

It is our belief that significant efficiency may be achieved if that approach is implemented in all facets of development. Though I would never admit it to you, my focus is on “how can we use generative AI to make us 30 percent more efficient as a company,” even though the map isn’t on it yet. How can we increase our efficiency by thirty percent in just three years?

Tools of Gen AI for “greatness”

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While he acknowledges that getting developers to use the technology is a necessary step in the process, he believes that generation AI technologies will eventually enable artists to more swiftly reach “greatness.” He said that “expansion” in EA Sports FC 24 involved using generative AI to boost the game’s run cycle count from 12 to 1,200. He clarified that generative AI was used for all of it.

prior to asserting that the upturn enhances the distinctive and engaging gameplay experience, which in turn boosts player numbers, engagement, and income. He also said that revenue is 10–20% higher if there is really customized content that is tailored specifically for me and my friends.

Beyond that, Wilson thinks generative AI technologies will help “democratize” the game industry by empowering billions of users to “create personal content” or even construct their own worlds inside the publisher’s numerous digital platforms. Beyond the benefits of our regular growth, platform economics is suddenly helping us, and he thinks this presents a multibillion dollar opportunity for us.

We’re still in the early stages of AI. Let’s face it, it’s early. Every day, we come across stories about some amazing breakthrough or amazing error committed by a chatbot when you ask it a question. But as a firm that essentially bases its operations on artificial intelligence and has progressed through the several iterations of the technology, we find ourselves [looking] at generation AI and we’re more thrilled about it today than we’ve ever been.


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