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AI to increase productivity

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Four brand-new websites with AI to increase productivity

Has the use of AI as a practical component of daily productivity reached a tipping point? Paradoxically, AI is most likely best qualified to respond to that query.

However, we are aware that individuals everywhere are developing websites with AI at an alarming rate.

To help you free up some precious time, here are four fascinating newbies.


Don’t be misled by the name. Indeed, Inbox Zero has email-taming capabilities including a feature-rich dashboard that lets you instantly unsubscribe from obnoxious communications like unsolicited newsletters and marketing spam.

It will provide a list of senders along with the number of times you’ve received emails from each of them and—most importantly—the number of times you’ve actually opened those emails. That saves a ton of time because it ranks the biggest offenders in order to make it simple for you to decide whether to cancel your membership.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the website is its plain-language AI helper, which enables you to easily develop rules for managing the tons of mail you receive every day. Forward the message to HR if someone inquires about benefits, is the auto-forwarding feature. An analogous auto-labeling feature exists. Additionally, there’s a really useful auto-respond feature: Say hello and thanks for the message whenever someone asks about price. The cost of our premium plan is $100 annually or $10 per month.

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You may unsubscribe from five emails each month using the free subscription of the service, which integrates with Gmail. AI feature use starts at $10 a month.


There’s no better way to learn all there is to know about AI than to use AI to study all the other AI that exists?

Visit What AI Can handle Today to see whether there is a tool available if you’re ever going to take on a task and think to yourself, I bet AI could do this.

After sorting through over 5,000 AI tools, the website found over 30,000 activities across over 100 categories.

Naturally, there is an AI-powered search feature, and more tools are always being introduced. For AI assistance, this is a one-stop shop.


FreshRemote.Work is a straightforward website that makes searching around for compensation ranges obsolete and is a great location to locate remote work.

In addition to being arranged chronologically, the roles on the landing page are also pay-graded in increments of $20,000.

AI is used to enhance job listings by providing some context for each post. Additionally, each listing includes a handy “Preview” button that opens a sidebar with tons of information, including location, perks, required skills, and more.


You just don’t have enough time to study what you need to know a specific issue. Instead, take it to AnyTopic.

Give the website a topic, and it will use AI to create a customized “audiobook” that you can listen to on your preferred podcast app.

When I requested it to tell me about the Minnesota Twins of 1987, I received a four-minute audio clip that sounded very good—aside from a few player names that were spoken incorrectly—and seemed like it was being read by a real person. It wasn’t exactly an audiobook in terms of length, but it was still excellent.

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