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Arc Search iPhone App

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The Arc Search iPhone App Utilizes AI to Provide an Answer. How to Utilize It

Consider yourself an expert on all search engines available? Maybe not each one of them in particular. The Browser Company of New York produces the Arc web browser for MacOS. Recently, the company introduced Arc Search, an iOS mobile app that employs a novel method to internet searches. When you ask Arc Search to discover anything, it will utilize artificial intelligence to scan through at least six web pages, compile the information, and create a summary page.

Over a year has passed since OpenAI’s ChatGPT made AI seem less futuristic and more approachable, suitable even for students to use. Forms of generative AI have been gradually finding their way into the everyday technology we use, such as search engines, which may serve as our first introduction to AI. While Google and Bing have ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence, Arc Search goes a step further by offering a results page that is easy to read and seems to have been altered by a human.

On its website, The Browser Company of New York states that among its graduates are representatives from Google, Amazon, Medium, Tesla, Instagram, and more. To use the company’s search app, you don’t need to use their browser, and to be honest, I’m not prepared to embark on the laborious task of switching browsers just now. But it’s a promising software that I can manage. Here are the things you should be aware of regarding it.

Using the Arc Search application

You may get the free mobile app Arc Search from the App Store. It requires iOS 16.0 or later, but is usable by the majority of iPhone users. Its creators have not yet stated if Android users would be able to access it.

Open the app on your phone after downloading it, then put in your question, such as “What kind of surgery did the Princess of Wales have?” Or, “what’s today’s Wordle answer?”

After identifying the six pertinent sources, Arc Search will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to compile the data from those pages into a webpage that appears rather professional.

What Arc Search Can Offer You

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Conventional search engines provide you a haphazard assortment of sources. For example, when you look for information regarding the princess’ surgery, you’ll see brief excerpts from People magazine, Entertainment Tonight, and other sources. It is your responsibility to go among them, select the most reliable information source, and then read through it to get the solution. It is similar to high school homework.

You may now activate SGE Generative AI on Google. Turning it on makes the AI program try to respond to your question more directly, but it still includes links to other sources beneath the AI-generated response. When you ask a question to Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, it will also retrieve material from the internet and provide you with an artificial intelligence (AI) response.

I knew there wasn’t a precise, verified response available, so I wanted to test what Google SGE Generative AI and Arc Search accomplished when I tried them out with a query on the Princess of Wales’ recent surgery.

Arc Search immediately presents the AI’s attempt at a response, basically summarizing your question and the information it has discovered. A scrollable carousel of pictures, including an Instagram post from some hours ago in which William and Catherine expressed gratitude to well-wishers and said that the princess had left the hospital and gone home to Windsor, opened the answer from the princess of Wales. Next it categorized the information from its six sources using bolded subheadings such “Surgery Type” and “Specifics”. (Spoiler alert: Nobody is disclosing any information other than “abdominal” and “not cancer-related.”)

Arc Search did a quite good job. Google search using SGE Generative AI became increasingly gossipy, informing me about certain unverified rumors and conjecture. Arc Search adhered to what was known.

When I enquired of Arc Search, “What is the Wordle solution for today?┬áit likewise performed flawlessly, providing me with the answer at the top of the page it created, in bold font. I didn’t feel very motivated to read on because I’d already asked for the answer, but it did go on to include information on the game itself, the typical player, and previous responses.


How about granting acknowledgment?

As a journalist and book author, I was worried with how Arc Search gives credit and clicks to people who first conducted the study. As Arc Search worked, a quick summary of the six sources it utilized to find my answer appeared, but they didn’t appear to be clickable. I’ve contacted the people who created Arc Search, and I’ll update this post if I find out more information on how they give credit to their sources.

I chose to do one search where I was fairly certain my own work would come up in the results to see how well Arc Search could credit sources. It’s an odd one: “Why did Sharon Weiss burn her pie?” is what I looked up. A Georgia granny gained notoriety in 2021 after nearly burning her Marie Callender’s pie to the ground. Being one of the few (only?) journalists to interview her, I was aware that my initial piece and my follow-up would be the main sources for any searches. (She informed me her oven had been accidentally set to Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.)

I was correct; Arc Search immediately included CNET among its top six sources, and the majority of its response page just recapped what I had written. It did mention three links later on in the summary page, two of which were mine. Arc Search already gave the solution, so I’m not sure how many people would be forced to click on them, but they were there.

Is the download worthwhile?

Aside from the credit queries, I was pleased with how Arc Search summarized and outlined a response for me. I will reexamine it.

Some potential customers will undoubtedly be turned off by the fact that it’s only compatible with iPhones and requires the download of an app. However, you may utilize Arc Search if you frequently have web questions and value a clear, concise response.

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