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Superhuman AI

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Superhuman provides quick responses driven by AI

Superhuman, an email business, is doubling down on AI-powered functionality this year and is unveiling a rapid answers feature today. You may rapidly react to an email with three contextual reply options thanks to this functionality.

The goal of Superhuman is to help you reach inbox zero as quickly as possible. Another tool to help you swiftly get emails out of your inbox is instant responses. Instant answers are comparable to Gmail’s intelligent replies, but Superhuman claimed that its features are more individualized and contextual.

But the fundamental idea remains the same. When you click respond on an email, three possible replies will appear. Superhuman responds to you with complete sentences when you click on any of the alternatives, despite the brief instructions.

The client puts out a whole phrase including the sender’s name when you hit “Interested” in an email inviting you to appear on a panel, as the sample video below demonstrates. To submit a reply, hit enter; to navigate between responses, press the tab. Users who participated in the immediate reply beta test, according to the business, are emailing twice as quickly.

Including AI in emails

A few AI-powered items have already been released by Superhuman. It introduced Superhuman AI last year, allowing users to customize the length and tone of emails they compose.

The business added support for iPhone and iPad applications in January. A one-line synopsis appears at the top of your emails thanks to an auto-summary function that the firm introduced in November.

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AI-powered capabilities for email processes have also been incorporated by several of Superhuman’s rivals. Former Google employees established Shortwave, a firm that has introduced features including fast summaries, email questioning AI, and an email replying tool. An AI assistant was released by Readdle last year with their Spark email client. AI-powered capabilities for Outlook and Gmail have been offered by major tech firms, such as Microsoft and Google.

Rahul Vohra, co-founder and CEO of Superhuman, told TechCrunch that the company’s stickiness is what sets it apart from competitors when it comes to AI-powered features. He mentioned that the typical user composes emails with AI 25 times a week.

The Superhuman Road Map

According to Superhuman, the AI-powered product has three phases: the first involves an email assistant; the second involves having AI work automatically without requiring user input with features like auto-summary and instant replies; and the third involves replacing specific tasks in a user’s daily workflow, such as using an AI agent to schedule or compose emails in their entirety.

Vohra asserted that it is a strategic choice and the corporation might turn a profit at any point. The CEO of the firm stated that the company has a five-year runway. Consequently, he is not considering a fresh fundraising round “day-to-day.”

Superhuman has maintained its monthly fee of $30 since its debut. Vohra did, however, note that the business may review its prices later this year.

He stated that the firm is concentrating on strengthening its offering for teams in addition to investing in AI technologies.

Imagine being able to share a thread internally rather than having to write or forward emails all the time. You may then post comments and responses on that shared thread. We are considering converting email from a tool for straightforward productivity to a platform for astute cooperation. And that’s significant because email has always been a one-player game. It was created in a time when collaboration was not inherent in the technologies, according to Vohra.

Additionally, the business is considering creating limited-edition email clients, such as Superhuman, which is aimed at account executives and customer managers and integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce.

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